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How Effective Are ADHD Medications? Best ADHD Medications(Adderall, Vyvanse,….

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    It’s like being there but not being there. If it makes sense.

    I tend to lose stuff constantly.

    I talk really fast and even when ask to slow down, I still talk too fast or too much.

    Even when I remember not to interrupt people, I still do because I am so excited to tell something this cool realization before the conversation moves on.

    I have a hard time focusing on something like sometimes I focus on trying to focus therefore I lose my focus.

    I often reread a sentence at least 3 times and sometimes I still don’t understand!

    I even read something fast and nothing comes to my brain.

    I get distracted a lot in tests, talking to somebody and even homework (who doesn’t?).

    I want to do something but its takes a lot of effort to do so. That is why I don’t have a lot of hobbies. And for me, brushing my teeth takes a lot of effort in doing.

    I tend to forget things and I get frustrated about it because others can remember and I don’t.

    I don’t have a lot of initiative and can be hard to follow a schedule unless its really really strict.

    I do things without thinking about it, like typing really fast and not checking whether its the proper grammar or spelling and then just pushing enter.

    I can’t sit still like I have to constantly change how I sit because I am not comfortable. Nor can I stand up and wait in the same position, I have to move and pace and walk around and around and again and again because its agitating.

    I am very anxious too, constantly worrying in and about simple stuff like should I go to that play or not? would my friend like it if i go to her play or not?

    I daydream a lot. I mean, a lot. I tried not doing it but jesus, its hard. My head is over the clouds. I sometimes forget the conversation or the lecture lol.

    I bite my nail, in fact my toes gets the worst of it. Poor toes.

    I often don’t have anything to do. Because I don’t have the energy or the mental effort.

    I am brash and can be a bit rude, but I’m trying my best to not be rude because its really a bad quality.

    I also flood people with messages and often text multiple messages instead of one big message.

    Sometimes when I talk to someone, I forget what they said when they just said it.

    Or when somebody tells me something, I can hear it but I don’t understand it. The other day my trainer was telling me to use the elliptical but I didn’t understand it until I asked again.

    I’m always trying, not enough doing.

    When I was a child, I broke my dad’s car’s windshield by using it as a slide. Was the only one in school who had a yaya (or housemaid because in the philippines, yayas are very abundant and aren’t allowed to enter the school premises). I also broke the TV, barely had sleep, too much energy that I would often sneak out to play, got bumped by a car while riding a bike without brakes, got lost several times in malls or the school, did not study at all because it was hard and that resulted into low grades, I also rebelled against my parents, and finally, I climbed a really steep hill thrice and endangered my life.

    I also to wander off in malls or literally anywhere without telling anyone that results them into panicking and alerting the police, because that happened.

    As someone who also have clinical depression, I impulsively took all my meds and was rushed into ER.

    I also sometimes impulsively do self-harm.

    And right now, I don’t really remember what else I can give you as an example because I tend to forget it. And I probably looked at the other answers so that I remember some stuff about ADHD. Because that is what I have. ADHD.

    Now its not that I’m really really forgetful, I’m not Dory. I just happen to have to forget some things in my life. Like where did I put that keyfab? Where did I put that piece of paper where my list of things to do are? What is that word that I am looking for?

    It’s frustrating. Imagine tests. Ugh.

    But you know what? It’s not that bad. My friends find me endearing. And a little bit brash and impulsive but they love me. I am sure about that

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